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Virtual Birth Doula Support

Virtual birth doula support is a personalized and remote way to receive professional doula care during your pregnancy and birth. With the advancement of technology, we can offer our expertise, knowledge, and emotional support through virtual channels such as video calls, phone calls, text messaging, and email.

What Is A Doula

A birth doula is a trained and experienced professional who offers physical, emotional, and informational support to individuals during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth

What Do They Do

A birth doula provides continuous support during labor by offering comfort measures, emotional reassurance, guidance in breathing and relaxation techniques, and advocating for your preferences

When Do I Book

It's advisable to hire a birth doula as early in your pregnancy as possible to build a strong rapport and receive comprehensive prenatal support. However, some people hire doulas later in pregnancy, and they can still be beneficial

Doula Vs. Midwife

Doulas and Midwives have different roles. A midwife or doctor provides medical care and manages the physical aspects of childbirth, while a birth doula focuses on emotional support, comfort measures, and advocacy

Our Birth Doula Support Package Is Personalized For You

Prenatal Meeting

In our prenatal meeting, we'll introduce ourselves, go over your medical history, discuss your birth preferences and goals, review or create a birth plan, talk about comfort measures and pain relief, address any concerns, understand the labor process, and plan your partner's role. We'll also establish how to stay in touch when labor starts, explore extra services, and clarify scheduling and fees. This meeting helps us build a strong relationship and ensures I'm well-prepared to support you during your birth journey.

Duration: 2 Hours

Participants: Both parents are required to attend

Typically scheduled after the 32nd week of pregnancy

Hospital Birth Support

During labor and childbirth, we will offer continuous support encompassing emotional encouragement, physical comfort measures, informational guidance, and advocacy for you. We provide a calming presence, help with relaxation techniques, and suggest position changes to alleviate discomfort. We will also explain the stages of labor, medical procedures, and pain relief options, assisting you in making informed decisions. We advocate for the your preferences with medical professionals and offer unwavering presence throughout labor. Additionally, we support the your partner, ensuring a positive and well-informed birthing experience.

Available around the clock from 37 weeks of pregnancy until your newborn arrives, ensuring continuous support through labor and beyond.

Postpartum Meeting

We extend provide our care in a range of support services, spanning from breastfeeding assistance to newborn care, holistic sleep strategies, sibling support, emotional well-being guidance, and strengthening the bond between couples. We also focus on gradually and healthily restoring your physical and mental wellness. This session is designed to help you embrace your new roles as parents and navigate this transition with confidence. With the guidance of an experienced doula, you'll feel better equipped to handle the challenges of motherhood during the postpartum period, making a significant difference in your journey.

Duration: 2 Hours

Participants: Both parents are required to attend

Valid for 8 weeks post-hospital discharge.

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